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2015年2月17日|Sup, peeps?

 Now that we have gone more deeply into the year 2015, I’d like to update you with some of the popular expressions that have come up since my first post. This entry is about the expressions that have been widely used in the past year. Have phun*1 and cya*2 lata*3, playas*4!
Original Expressions of 2014-2015
On fleek — This means exactly right, relevant, or spot on. This expression is considered trendy because it emphasizes skill and/or style.
 - Her dance moves were totally on fleek!
 - The burgers aren’t too bad, but the pizza is defs*5 on fleek!
Ghost — a person who isn’t around much.
 A: Where’s Bobby? He’s never around anymore. He’s become a ghost.
 B: Oh, he’s just studying for his exams in the library.
throw shade — to playfully make fun of someone, usually through creative word play.
 A: Did you hear what she said about my pearl necklace?
 B: Actually, I think she meant something was stuck in your teeth, but she was just throwing shade.
Unbothered — This expression can be used for expressing one’s lack of concern. It also can add a feeling that the speaker is calm and at peace about it.

 - How do I look in this suit? Coz’ *6 I need to look completely unbothered when I see my ex-girlfriend tonight.
Bingewatch — to watch many episodes of a television show in a row.
 - I rented the whole TV series on DVD for a week. Want to bingewatch it with me?
Side eye — a look of disapproval or contempt, executed by turning one’s eyes at an angle when staring at someone.
 - That girl in the corner is giving me side eye. Does that mean she wants me to leave?
The feels — an expression used to describe a person’s sudden and unexpected surge of emotions.
 - I just had the feels this morning. I found out that Angie left town without saying goodbye to me.
Sickening — Although this word is based off the idea of something disgusting that makes you feel sick, it actually is a descriptive word used to show that you are impressed or jealous about an extreme case of success.
 - I can’t believe my classmate has managed to get a higher grade than I did, even though she’s missed so many classes. It’s sickening.
Hot mess — a person who can be attractive despite being messy or in a disastrous situation.
 - My wife’s a hot mess in the kitchen; she makes a mess and the food tastes bad, but I tell ya*7, she looks good when she cooks.
Ship — This is a shortened form of relationship, and is sometimes used to endorse a potential romantic pairing or to talk about one’s new relationship.
 - I can really see Jimmy and Kimmy getting into a ship by the end of this summer.
Updated Expressions of 2014-2015
Slay — a newer form of kill, meaning to do (something) successfully.
 - I totally slayed the last exam!
Basic — This means to be generic or unoriginal. An older slang word with a similar meaning is square.
 - Most of the people who came to the party were really basic, so I didn’t have a good time.
Bae — another word that means babe or baby (for your significant other).
 - You wanna*8 go out this Saturday, bae?
Turnt — This is a word that is newer than jazzed up, stoked, or pumped. This word describes a feeling of enthusiasm or excitement.
 - Did I go to the party? Yeah, but not only that. I really got turnt at it and partied all night!
Bare — This is a word that is similar to older words like mondo, loads of, and hella. You can use this word to indicate that there is a lot of something.
 - Have you seen him at the pool? He’s got bare tattoos all over his body!
Thirsty — This is a newer form of hungry. It often used to describe a kind of person who is desperate for success or looking for satisfaction, mainly in career.
 - That guy has a nice suit. Yeah, he must really be thirsty for the job.
 Well peeps, as this is my 6th entry, this is the last one for the time being. I’d like to thank you for reading and I hope this has helped you in some way regarding your English studies!
Shortened expressions used in this entry

*1phun — fun
*2cya — see you
*3lata — later
*4playa — players (a slang word that means “friends”)
*5def(s) — definitely
*6coz’ — because
*7ya — you
*8wanna – want to
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